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Lovesome Stable Equitherapy was established to provide recreational, educational, therapeutic and social opportunities for people with disabilities. Our program helps children, youth and adults (4 and up) improve physical capabilities and functional skills while providing students opportunities for physical activities and social interaction.

Experts recognize the significance of the bond formed between man and animal. The student is taught not only how to ride, but also how to handle and care for the horse. In turn this large, warm animal provides a symbol of strength, stability and friendship for the student.Lessons are designed to challenge the individual, both on and off the horse. Instructors use stretches, muscle strengthening, problem solving, communication and sensory integration embedded within games and activities.Lovesome stables focuses on abilities rather than disabilities. Students of all abilities can safely receive benefits from therapeutic riding with the assistance of a leader and two side walkers.

Lesson Information

Lesson are held on Monday evenings, Wednesday evenings and Saturday mornings. The cost will be $30 per lesson. Payment is due for entire session on or before the first lesson.

Our riding sessions will have one to four riders similar in either age or ability, and will focus on increasing individual riding skills while gaining therapeutic benefits. These benefits include increased muscle tone and strength, improving eye/hand coordination and balance, improving peer interaction and communication, increasing self-esteem, and developing a sense of control. Instructors establish goals for each rider, working with the parents, guardian and /or rider, at the beginning of each session. They create a wide variety of games and exercises designed to increase the student’s ability to listen, learn and communicate. In addition, all riders work on improving their horsemanship skills and a willingness to try new things. Students not only improve riding skills but are taught how to groom and tack their horses. The lessons will last approximately 45 minutes.

Fill out the Student Registration Form and email it to

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